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ATR Sensors IR Spectroscopy Solid-State

VitalSensors infrared ATR probes are highly-selective and highly-accurate inline sensors.  Multi-parameter ATR Sensors are a step ahead of alternative methods.  VitalSensors producs do not extrapolate concentrations using pressure, density or sound velocity.  The optical ATR method is not affected by solids, variable pressure, viscosity, turbidity or dark-colored fluids.  Therefore, VitalSensors offers Quality Control personnel with the highest level of accuracy. 

We are experts in developong process control applications which were previously impossible.

VS-3000E ATR Optical Sensors

The VS-3000E sensor probes are compact, industrial-grade, mid-infrared spectrometers. 
VS-3000E sensors measure the contents of liquids directly and with great precision.  A common physics package accommodates various narrow-band-pass interference filters for each detector element and isolates these specific infrared wavelengths for the component being measured.  A highly accurate thermistor to measure temperature and an optical element that creates infrared absorption by means of ATR or Trans-ATRâ„¢ are key components of the sensor.

VitalSensors - ATR Infrared Sensor - VS-3000

The latest generation of VitalSensors products measure up to 9 process variables using only 1 infrared probe / process connection.

Infrared Spectroscopy

Infrared spectroscopy works because chemical bonds have specific frequencies which vibrate at corresponding energy levels.  The resonant frequencies are determined by the shape of the molecular potential energy surfaces, the masses of the atoms and eventually, by the associated vibronic coupling.  In order to measure a sample, infrared light is passed through the sample, and the amount of energy absorbed by the substances chemical bonds is recorded.  Over the years, detailed absorption tables of bonds in organic molecules have been developed and are used to identify and measure samples very precisely.  VitalSensors products use the Beer-Lambert Law which is central to molecular spectroscopy.  Beer-Lambert allows for determination of the Molar Absorptivity, a characteristic which indicates how much light of a particular wavelength a sample absorbs.

Today infrared spectroscopy is widely used in laboratories and for quality control.  Most of these instruments are extremely expensive.  One of VitalSensors core company goals is providing affordable in-line, infrared, instruments affordable for large-scale deployment in process control applications.

Solid State Means No Mechanical Maintenance

VS-3000E Sensor Systems are solid state devices which contain no moving parts.  Therefore there are no recurring maintenance or ancillary hardware expenses. The instrument is designed to operate 24x7.  Mean time to failure is over 50,000 hours.