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VS-3000E Dashboard Sensor Monitor CalFAST-3000E

VS-3000E Dashboard

The VS-3000E Dashboard is the control center for each VS-3000E Sensor System.  The Dashboard handles all sensor related functions such as concentration calculation, PLC communication, recipe changes and alarming.  VS-3000E Dashboard is network-ready and can be accessed anywhere in the plant.  The Dashboard also has the capability to be managed off-site via VPN.  The user interface is simple and intuitive, a licesne for the VS-3000E Dashboard is included with every purchase.

VitalSensors - VS-3000 Dashboard Software 

Sensor Monitor

The Sensor Monitor is a Windows based PC client software application designed for companies that do not have an internal Fieldbus network.  All that is required for a user to have real-time sensor control at their fingertips is an Ethernet connection.  Easy to read displays repeat data collected by the Sensor Management Station and provide graphs and intuitive log files. The Sensor Monitor has the ability to control sensors remotely.

VitalSensors - Sensor Monitor Software

Features of the Sensor Monitor:

  • Compatible with Windows® XP, Windows® 7 and Windows®
  • Designed specifically for QC/QA professionals
  • Remote adjustment / monitoring of 4 sensors from anywhere on the factory network
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Brand/Recipie selection
  • Limits and Alarming
  • Logging function / Excel-compatible

Data Viewer Graph

Data Viewer Table

Features of the Data Viewer:
  • Graphical or tabular representation
  • Product Selection
  • Previous 24-hours or Selected Date
  • Choice of line or bar graph
  • Results can be printed and saved


CalFAST-3000E is a calibration tool and data management tool for VS-3000E Sensor Systems.  CalFAST allows for quick "dilaing-in" of new recipes/products.  CalFAST provides a historical trending/modeling tool and is easily implemented on an enterprise network.  CalFAST -3000E license is included with every purchase.

VitalSensors - CalFAST-3000 Software