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Below are sample applications which currently utilize VitalSensors infrared instruments.

Beer, Wine, Spirits, F.A.B., Cider, Alcopops Soft Drinks, Juices & Water Food, Condiments & Dairy
Manufacturing & Research Pharma  BioEthanol

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Beer, Wine, Spirits, F.A.B., Cider & Alcopop
Systems:         VS-3000EBM, VS-3000EBMAE, VS-3000EBMAC, VS-3000EBMC
View Data:       Major Brewery    (Comparisons to alternative inline measuring methods)
Craft Brewery
     (QA Lab comparison)
                       Fermentation       (White Paper with Alfa-Laval)

CO2  Measurement:  Inline carbonation monitoring for beer, wine coolers, alcopops or mixed/malt beverages.

Real Extract and OG/Gravity Measurement:  Real-time measurement of final residual sugars (RE) in pipes, tanks or fillers.  Measure fermentation progress in-situ.

Alcohol Measurement:  Real-time alcohol (%w/w) and alcohol (%v/v) measurement in pipes, tanks or fillers.  Measure fermentation progress in-situ.  Low alcohol and near-beer applications where density measurement is inaccurate.  Optical measurement principle, no oscillating U-tube, no bypass, no pumps.

Fermentation:  Measure conversion of sugars to ethanol real-time in fermenters.

Soft Drink, Juice & Water Production

Systems:          VS-3000EBSM, VS-3000EBSMJ
View  Data:      
Un-carbonated Soft Drink, Product Transition Response (soda)

°Brix / Sugar  Measurement: Inline sugar measurement, syrup concentration measurement, blending and dosing control, product/water interface detection.  Measure flavored sparkling waters with low °Brix levels.

Acid (TA) / Inline Diet:  Real-time Total Acid measurement for juice production or real-time DIET measurement in soft drinks.  This capability is not offered by any other instrument manufacturer.

CO2 Measurement: Real-time carbonation monitoring.

°Brix / Acid Ratio:  Real-time °Brix / Acid ratio for juice production.

Flavor Essence:  Real-time sparkling water flavor measurement via °Brix or Acid readings.

Food, Condiment & Dairy Production
Systems:          VS-3000EBSM, VS-3000EBM
View  Data:       Vinegars,
Ketchup & Mustard & BBQ Sauce

Fermentation: Measure conversion of lactose to lactic acid real-time for yogurt production, also ethanol to acetic acid for vinegar production.

Acid (TA) measurement: Real-time acetic acid readings for vinegar bottling/cutting, salad dressing, mustard and BBQ sauce production.

Sugars / °Brix measurement: Inline sugar readings for ketchup, BBQ sauce and other condiments.  Measure fermentation in-situ.

CO2 Measurement:  Dairy-based beverages requiring CO2 measurement.

BioEthanol Production
Systems:         VS-3000EBEM
View  Data:     Slurry Installation,
Liquefaction Installation

Contact:          Sensors - Systems - Solutions (re-seller serving only the BioEthanol industry)

°Brix Measurement:   Measure °brix content in-situ during Slurry, Liquefaction or Oil Recovery processes.  Solid-state IR measurement is not affected by solids, density or color.

Ethanol Measurement:  Monitor low levels of Ethanol for recovery applications.  Monitor/control fermentation with real-time readings of increasing/high ethanol content.

Pharmaceutical Production
Systems:          VS-1300P

CO2 Measurement:  Monitor CO2 in fermenter.

Ethanol Measurement:  Real-time monitoring in process without the use of a density calculation.

Sugar Measurement:  Measure glucose real-time.

Organic Acid Measurement:  Real-time monitoring for blending of various organic acids.

Industrial Manufacturing & Research Projects
Systems:          VS-3000EBM, VS-3000EBSM, VS-1000

CO2 Measurement: Petrochemical monitoring, polyurethane and plastic production, algae and biofuel production.  CO2 gas infusion.  Carbon sequestration research.  Algae cultivation and research.

Sugar Measurement: Real-time wastewater treatment monitoring.  Measuring fermentable solids based on °Brix.  Measure glucose in human blood, biofuel development.

Ethanol Measurement: Thermal insulation manufacturing.

High Pressure Capabilities: Custom form factors available to withstand loads in high-pressure applications.