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VitalSensors Technologies LLC is applications-specific spectroscopy company dedicated to the development and production of revolutionary Inline Infrared Sensors using patented technology.  Our target markets are industries which require accurate and reliable process control, real time and 24x7.  Our products are currently used in beverage, food, energy and pharmaceutical production.  VitalSensors products are rooted in the scientific work of Paul Wilks and Bob O'Leary from 2000 and 2001.

Headquartered in Hudson, Massachusetts, VitalSensors is engaged in manufacturing a family of market leading, maintenance free, inline sensors.  We also produce in-house proprietary software for use with our instruments; creating an easy to use on-line process control system.

We are located less than 20 miles west of Boston, just off Route 85 and/or Route 62, easily accessible from Interstate 495 or Interstate 90.  VitalSensors also operates an office in Cypress, Texas (Houston Metro Area).

Management Team

Rene Martinez
President and CEO, Co-Founder

Rene Martinez is a proven entrepreneur and executive with over thirty years of sales and executive management experience in the IT and manufacturing industries.  Mr. Martinez has founded two successful companies and early in his career worked for major international firms. 

Prior to VitalSensors, Mr. Martinez was a co-founder, Sr. Vice President and Director of IntraServer Technology Inc.  Mr. Martinez grew the company from zero profitability to an $18 million run rate in less than four years.  In 2000 IntraServer was acquired by LSI Logic Corporation.  Prior to IntraServer, Mr. Martinez served as a marketing group manager for Digital Equipment Corporation's Alpha Servers and VAX Servers.  Mr. Martinez established channels and overall market presence for the $2 billion Alpha AXP product line, including product sales strategies, worldwide marketing programs and product distribution strategies.  He has extensive experience with the press and analyst communities as Digital's spokesperson for systems and servers. Prior to joining DEC in 1987, Mr. Martinez spent eight years with IBM's National Accounts organization in sales and management in the insurance and manufacturing sectors.

Mr. Martinez holds a B.A. in Economics from Colby College and has attended both the Harvard Executive Education Program and the IBM Management Development Program.  Mr. Martinez speaks English and Spanish.

Robert O'Leary
VP Technology and CTO, Co-Founder

Bob O'Leary is a recognized industry expert and leader in infrared detector design and sensors for dissolved organic compounds in fluids and air.  He has over twenty years of experience in engineering management, operations management, sales management and marketing management in the Applied Spectroscopy and Infrared Sensor Industries.  Mr. O'Leary joined PerkinElmer in 1987 at their Montgomeryville, PA site where he worked in marketing, operations and development engineering in the infrared detection division.  Mr. O'Leary later became the Engineering Manager of the Salem, MA site where he was responsible for developing the Medical Systems Group and the Applied Spectroscopy group. Mr. O'Leary left PerkinElmer in May of 2003 and helped build Optical Coating Corporation from an $80K per year company to a $1M per year company in 9 months as President and CEO.  Mr. O'Leary holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Temple University.

Peter Kent
VP Engineering and Support, Co-Founder

Peter Kent has worked overseas for General Electric installing and commissioning steel mills, paper mills, offshore drilling platforms, power generation systems, and plastic injection molding factories. He has also worked for Digital Equipment Corporation in Germany in Sales and in the US in Engineering, Marketing, and Product Management. Mr. Kent served as the European Sales and Marketing Director for IntraServer Technology and was directly responsible for sales growth in Europe from zero to four million dollars annually in less than four years. As a result of working overseas for more than twelve years, Mr. Kent speaks English, German, French and Italian.  He has performed translations of German technical documentation into English.  Mr. Kent is an expert in systems, software and networking.  Mr. Kent holds a BSEE from Union College.

Gregory Avady, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist

Dr. Gregory Avady has over 20 years experience in designing and developing metrology, navigation, machine vision and automatic inspection systems.  His work includes spacecraft 3D orientation measurements for the Russian Space Program, several generations of electro-optical pattern inspection systems for the semiconductor industry and a variety of 3D electro-optical imaging trackers.  Dr. Avady conceptualized, researched and developed an adaptive rank filter for image and data processing.  He is also an expert in advanced algorithm development, image/signal processing and statistical data processing.

Dr. Avady taught circuitry and system design at Daghestan State Technical University (Russia).  He has 31 patents (including 24 in metrology) and 19 scientific publications, he holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from St. Petersburg State Electro-Technical University (Russia).  Dr. Avady speaks English and Russian.

Paul A. Wilks Jr.
Technical Advisor to the Company

On October 11, 2008 we were saddened by the passing of Paul Wilks, our friend and technical advisor. VitalSensors would not exist without Paul's ideas, encouragement and support.

Paul Wilks Obituary (pdf)